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Functional and Personal Training

Applied Movement Neurology

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  • The most advanced brain based pain relief system in health and fitness
  • Long standing pain issues cleared fast
  • Painful movement issues cleared in minutes
  • Painful Neck Back and Joint pains cleared quickly where other systems have failed

Read what our clients say

"After a near fatal car crash James has changed my life.
  • Nine years of extreme pain gone
  • Nine years of no sleep gone
  • Nine years of flash backs gone
  • Nine years of powerful painkillers gone
  • Nine years of painful movement gone
Thanks Optimal Performance you've given me my life back and fast"
- Phil o'Sullivan

"Twenty Years of painful movement restrictions all gone in one session, Thank you so much"
- Ceri Stannah

Functional Patterns

Functional Patterns are the worlds leading experts in functional postural correction & movement training.
As a Certified Functional Patterns trainer, Optimal Performance will change the way you move to create a structurally efficient pain free body capable of performing better than ever before. Leaving you able to enjoy life.
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