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More than just personal training

Optimising your body using a system designed for life

Optimal Performance, based in Salisbury in Wiltshire, will help achieve a fully functional mind / body system allowing you to perform at your very best. Rather than focus purely upon muscles and “the body beautiful” Optimal Performance focuses upon a system that’s designed for life.

So how does this work?

At Optimal Performance, clients are 100% treated as individuals. Using our exclusive Neuro Skeletal recalibration and Functional Movement Pattern assessments we are able to specifically locate your body's weak areas, enabling MUCH faster results.

Exercises are based upon functional strengthening and conditioning of the whole body. Multi directional multi plane multi discipline movement training along with continuous recalibration of the nervous system (The body's governing system), allows you to achieve far more than you ever thought your body was capable of. As the souths leading kettlebell trainer, a Master TRX trainer and Certified Elite movement specialist, Optimal Performance will bring your training and fitness to a whole new level using an array of challenging functional strength and conditioning routines. View examples of our funcational pattern techniques

That's not all..

According to current research six out of ten people in the UK are classified as having a sedentary lifestyle, putting their health at risk. Research also proves that normal gym based exercise such as Treadmills & seated fixed pattern machine training has little effect on the adverse effects of sitting all day. Functional training using multidimensional movements has been proven to have far more benefit to the human body and brain, even proving to grow the density of the brain wall itself.

But why does this matter?

The less we challenge the brain with movement the faster our brains age. Traditional single muscle group gym training has been proven to shut the system down, prematurely ageing us. In a world where the biggest workplace is the chair, it’s little surprise dementia is becoming more common.

Discover a new fun exciting way to train!

The journey of 1,000 miles starts with one step, so contact the Optimal Performance Clinic in Salisbury today and begin your journey to a stronger healthier you inside and out for 2017.

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Address: Unit 3 Portway Business Centre Old Sarum, Salisbury, Wiltshire, SP4 6QX


"If there is a better lifestyle coach in the South West we have yet to meet him. Shunning the orthodoxy of treadmills, cross-trainers and leg presses, James expounds a different approach - a truly holistic one built around nutrition, lifestyle and the importance of building strength through basic movements.

If you are prepared to keep your side of the bargain by following his excellent advice on nutrition he will get results. He did for us in less than six months".

Matt and Caroline Eyre