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Exercises - learn to do the movements like the pros!


We have a range of video playlists available, please click to view our playlists and learn techniques.

Optimal Performance routines are based upon functional strength and conditioning, we believe training should have a carry over to every day life. Dynamic multi plane Exercises combined into routines that always leave you feeling you have given it your all and looking forward to the next workout.

Group Personal Training
Why are Optimal Performance group personal training sessions Salisbury's number one option? Because unlike others where it's all about packing in the numbers, our focus is on you the client. With no more than 12-14 people max in a session, Optimal Performance believe people gain more from their sessions due to our ability to give almost 1-1 attention over those with large numbers, some classes packing in 100+ people a session!

Grappler Exercises
The Grappler or Landmine as some know it is one of the most fully functional pieces of equipment in the fitness industry. With hundreds of Exercises this awesome tool will open your eyes to a whole new way of training and conditioning your body, unlike any other piece of equipment you've used!

Bosu Exercises
Balance balance balance! The Bosu is a great and fun way to bring instability conditioning into your training. Many training styles involve seated or lead down fixed position movements that lessen the bodies ability to work in unstable environments (Wet, snow, rough terrain etc etc). A great and fun way to train, Bosus bring something completely new to your training.

Powerbag Exercises
Three dimensional, powerful, explosive, cardio, strength, core, limitless amounts of Exercises all in one small but amazing piece of equipment. Powerbags will give you a huge total body workout burning massive amounts of calories all the time whilst conditioning every muscle in your body.

Powerband Exercises
Click to view our Power band exercises

Medicine Ball Exercises
Single or partner workouts, the medicine ball is a tool used by everyday people right up to high level sports persons. Medicine balls are great for not only all over training but hand eye co-ordination skills. At Optimal Performance we specialize in movement conditioning and the medicine ball is a fantastic tool for helping people with painful movement issues.

TRX Exercises
Designed by US Navy Seals the TRX is a total body conditioning tool using nothing more than your own body weight. Lightweight and portable the TRX will give you a surprising challenge on it's own. Easily connected to either a door frame, wall bracket or even a tree branch the TRX works on leverage, the more you lean forward or backward the heavier you become, stand tall and things get easier, simple!

Slam Ball Exercises
A powerful version of the medicine ball, slam balls are soft to handle with a ball of sand in the center. With no bounce Slam balls demand huge amounts of raw explosive power burning huge calories and giving you an amazing cardio workout.

Kettlebell Exercises
The ultimate workout tool, nothing burns calories like this amazing tool, once being tested to burn over 20 calories a minute compared to 9 from a spin bike. Leaving no muscle unused and giving unparalleled all over conditioning, the Kettlebell is used worldwide and is a firm favorite of Hollywood celebs looking to get in shape fast for film roles.


Having spent £1000's on physio, chiropractic treatments & several trainers over the years I'd given up & resigned myself to pain when I moved. A friend recommended James & i have been forever grateful. James's Neuro Skeletal work has been a revelation. My pain has gone, my Movement is hugely better & more comfortable. James is the only person I would trust with my training. His knowledge of the body and what it does is second to none. Thank you so much James