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Functional Training

So why Functional fitness?
Is it just a Buzz word in gyms today? Why should you be interested?


So let’s say you pick the milk off the doorstep and put your back out. What happened? You can bench heavy, the probable reason is you're not paying enough attention to functional fitness. You might be toned, tight, and ready for the beach, but are you ready to lift your child out of the car seat or hoist them into the high chair? You can get tight, toned, and “beach ready” with functional exercise, but you won’t be stiff, you won’t be sore and in pain. What you will be is looking, feeling and performing great.

So how do Optimal Performance get such great results with clients?

Applied Movement Neurology (AMN) and Functional Patterns. These are the world leaders in training the body the way it was designed to move.

Applied Movement Neurology

AMN are opening the fitness industries eyes wide open to the huge impact we can have on people by “Training the Brain”. The brain runs EVERYTHING, without it we don’t function. Biceps and six packs cannot be without the influence and control of the brain and nervous system.

Functional Patterns

Quickly being recognised world over and gaining a huge following in fitness as THE way to achieve amazing results. Functional Patterns are changing the fitness industries idea of what the human body is designed to do. No fixed machines, no isolated muscle movements leading to pain & dysfunction. Functional Patterns are creating amazing results.

View some of the Functional Patterns Optimal Performance offers.

Here are also some amazing videos of fantastic functional training exercises:


Having spent £1000's on physio, chiropractic treatments & several trainers over the years I'd given up & resigned myself to pain when I moved. A friend recommended James & i have been forever grateful. James's Neuro Skeletal work has been a revelation. My pain has gone, my Movement is hugely better & more comfortable. James is the only person I would trust with my training. His knowledge of the body and what it does is second to none. Thank you so much James