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Group Personal Training

Salisbury's Number One Group Training Centre

Optimal Performance small group Personal Training sessions in Salisbury are specialist functional training workouts designed for people that don’t like the large class atmosphere, but want the personal friendly atmosphere of 1-1 training. Combining multiple styles of fitness equipment and constantly changing routines, group PT sessions provide clients with fun, challenging routines. Optimal Performance don’t believe in set routines for set periods of time. All this does is allow the body to adapt and results to slow down or stop. Optimal Performance want you to find your best, and then go beyond.

Why not view our videos of our group sessions.

What members say

“Fantastic sessions, fun, challenging & James’s level of attention to his members is second to none” - Charlotte.
“Love love love the Kettlebells & Trx, no class has ever challenged and conditioned my body in such an amazing way” – Helen.
“Fun, friendly, pleasant atmosphere. Your always made to feel welcome & James is always on hand to offer his expert advice on technique & push you to get the very most from your sessions” - Sarah.

The cost

1 x 60-minute session a week: £24 a month
2 x 60 minute sessions a week: £36 a month
3 x 60 minute sessions a week: £42 a month
To be paid on a monthly standing order

Some Tools of our trade

Kettlebells: The most dynamic & powerful fat busting, total body conditioning tool in fitness. Burn calories & fat’s like never before with Optimal Performance, the number one kettlebell training studio in the south.
Powerbags: Like the Kettlebell this amazing all over strength & conditioning tool will challenge you like never before. Core conditioning, Balance, Overall strength, Muscle tone, Dynamic stability, Flexibility. Powerbags will awaken muscles you never knew you had.
TRX: Taking bodyweight training to a whole new level the TRX is an amazing way to condition your whole body. Using your own body as resistance, you choose the level of work rate required, push it hard or take it easy, the choice is yours.
Slam Balls: Raw Explosive Power. A soft version of medicine balls with an inner core of sand, slam balls demand explosive Strength, Power & huge amounts of core stability, all the while giving you an amazing cardio workout. Slam Balls bring it all to the table.
Prowler Sled: Push, Pull, Drag, Lower body, Upper body, the Prowler does it all. This fully functional workout tool takes no prisoners but will give you a completely new dimension to working out.
Battling ropes: An incredible high intensity workout that will take your cardio training to another level. Simple but highly effective the battling ropes are used around the world from every day to elite levels of conditioning training. Feel every muscle in your body with this incredible workout.

The above are just a few pieces of equipment used in group PT at Optimal Performance. Contact us today and experience our fantastic group sessions or click on the exercise page to see videos of the exercises used.

Group Timetable

Monday: 18:30 TRX
Tuesday: 18.30 Kettlebells
Wednesday: 18:30 Functional Circuits
Thursday: 18:30 KettleTRX 
Saturday: 09:30 Functional Circuits 


"I started training with James 5 months ago and walked in with the attitude of both hating exercise and myself, not knowing where to start or even if my goals were achieveable. The first month was tough but thanks to the encouragement and support from James my whole approach to exercise started to positively turnaround after just a few weeks.

One of the amazing benefits to having James as my trainer is that I not only have a leader but I have a friend who I trust implicitly to show me the way and to tailor my sessions around what my body and mind needs. The results have already been incredible.

5 months on I now love training and I am finally beginning to be able to look at myself in the mirror and like what I see. I have James to thank for who I am today and without a doubt would recommend him to help in achieving results, both mentally and physically."