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Functional and Personal Training

Applied Movement Neurology

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AMN is a fully comprehensive Personal Training system of strength, health and wellness that acts to functionally drive the nervous system to relieve pain, promote optimal respiration and increase complex motion skill via brain based drills.

  • The most advanced brain based pain relief system in health and fitness
  • Long standing pain issues cleared fast
  • Painful movement issues cleared in minutes
  • Painful Neck Back and Joint pains cleared quickly where other systems have failed

Read what our clients say

"After a near fatal car crash James has changed my life.
  • Nine years of extreme pain gone
  • Nine years of no sleep gone
  • Nine years of flash backs gone
  • Nine years of powerful painkillers gone
  • Nine years of painful movement gone
Thanks Optimal Performance you've given me my life back and fast"
- Phil o'Sullivan

"Twenty Years of painful movement restrictions all gone in one session, Thank you so much"
- Ceri Stannah

Functional Patterns

Functional Patterns are the worlds leading experts in functional postural correction & movement training.
As a Certified Functional Patterns trainer, Optimal Performance will change the way you move to create a structurally efficient pain free body capable of performing better than ever before. Leaving you able to enjoy life.
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