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Our Qualifications
Optimal Performance Clinic FMS

The AMN Level 1 Practitioner Certification teaches the practitioner assessments and interventions to help improve faulty movement patterns. This system uses referenced based assessment along with a thorough understanding of the functional zones of the Cerebellum to pinpoint areas of bilateral imbalance and weakness.

Combining these with stimulation's of the vestibular and visual systems enables practitioners to help eliminate movement dysfunction and improve athletic performance.

Optimal Performance Clinic FMS

The Level 2 Certification consists of the AMN Neuroskeletal Certification™ which delves into pain and dysfunction associated with the motor system. Through the application of sequenced palpation, soft-tissue neuromuscular techniques and assessment of integrated systems such as the viscera, endocrine and proprioceptive systems this modality is incredibly effective at getting people out of pain, FAST!

Optimal Performance Clinic FMS

Emotional, Immune, Gastro Intestinal, Circadian & Osmoalrity. Level 3 Homeostasis brings some of the bodies most in depth systems together helping alleviate complex pain issues. 

Optimal Performance Clinic FMS

Pinpoint precise brain areas associating pain with body parts and clear painful movements that other systems have previously failed to do so. 

Optimal Performance Clinic FMS

Gain amazing results using this incredibly in depth system that ties it all together.

Optimal Performance Clinic FMS

AMN sleep, cure sleep issues with this amazing in depth tool that's helping people clear lifelong sleep issues for good. 

Optimal Performance Clinic FMS

The Posture practitioner Certification uses the nervous system to calibrate brain and tissue communications to bring the body to a more balanced position allowing better and pain free movement.

Optimal Performance Clinic FMS

Re calibrate the feed forward system of the brain to allow better coordinated movement.

Functional Patterns are the worlds leading experts in functional postural correction & movement training. As a Certified Functional Patterns trainer, Optimal Performance will change the way you move to create a structurally efficient pain free body capable of performing better than ever before. Leaving you able to enjoy life.
Optimal Performance Clinic EMS

As an EMS, Elite Movement Specialist – EMCE, Elite Movement Conditioning Expert – EPCC, Elite Postural Conditioning Coach ESST - Elite Sports Specific Trainer

UHP will:
  • Help clients out of pain
  • Eliminate back pain
  • Create lasting change on a client’s flexibility by NOT stretching
  • Improve performance through movement
  • Create clients with amazing movement ability skills
  • Help build better movement capacity, speed, endurance, strength and power
  • Decrease the impact of past injuries, aches and pains
  • Achieve client’s goals whilst minimising the risk of injuries
Exercise Coach Golf BioMechanic Holistic Coach

Strength & conditioning expert, Core and Back specialist, Posture control, Functional movement’s specialist, Sports specific expert, female training specialist, advanced program design expert.

Kettle Bells

Extreme Kettle bell Expert
The South’s leading Kettlebell trainer, Learn the techniques of the fitness industries biggest fat burning tool. Burn more calories and become stronger than ever before with this fully functional training tool.

TRX Suspension Senior TRX trainer
Salisbury’s #1TRX expert. Learn how to make your body the most fully functional it’s ever been with a total gym in a bag!


I started training with James almost three years ago. Starting in a class environment, and moving on to one to one training. Physically, I have totally changed shape and enjoy the challenge of increasing my fitness, flexibility and lifting capability. My mindset on fitness, healthy living and nutrition has been positively refocused. Mentally, i started with low opinions of my abilities and lacking confidence. James has coached and supported me through to a new mindset and head space. Constantly challenging my thinking and perceived barriers.

James proves that not all trainers are the same. If you want a new you inside and out, he is your man.